This is an example of our private event contract. Please contact us for specific information in regards to your event. 


General Information

Lil G’s Kajun Restaurant is happy to offer The Cypress & Courtyard as an available facility for rent.


Set up and breakdown

Party may gain access to The Cypress after 11am. A date and time for decorating must be predetermined. Client will have use of facility for a total of five hours: one and one-half hours prior to the event for set-up, three hours for exclusive use of the Client as described in contract, and one-half hour for breakdown after the event. Service will only be provided during hours of event; no service will be provided during set up and breakdown of event. No tape, staples, or other potentially damaging adhesives may be used on walls.


Tables and chairs will be set up accordingly.

9- courtyard tables and chairs (seats 4 people)

6 – high-top tables with chairs (seats 3-4 people)

2- 6’ long tables (catering use only)

2- booths

1- Cake table



Decorating must be performed during the times agreed upon. No decorations are allowed that leave any kind of residue; this includes confetti, glitter, silly string, tacks, staples, all types of tape or other items inside or outside of Lil G’s Cypress. Only votive candles and candles in hurricane-style enclosures are allowed. No water gel beads for floral arrangements/vases. No gum or hard candies. Candy tables may be allowed with prior agreed upon permission. No small candy allowed to be scattered or used as any type of table or other decoration. All decorations must be removed at the end of the event and any left in the space are not the responsibility of Lil G’s.



If client chooses caterer can be responsible for:

·         Setting/replenishing/clearing food

·         Clearing plates, silverware, and trash

·         Removing all garbage

For a fee of $75

Prior to event request can be made for allowance of outside food; however, if comparable items are offered through in-house catering request of outside item will be denied. Caterer is not responsible for setting, replenishing, clearing, plates, silverware, or trash of outside items.



Prior to event, the Caterer at request of the Client or the Client may package up all leftovers (excluding catering packages). The Client may take any leftovers provided in disposable aluminum pans only. Leftovers will not be packaged by Caterer on an individual basis. Unless agreed to and provided for in the Catering Invoice, the Client is responsible for providing appropriate containers to package leftovers for Client and/or guests. In accordance with appropriate state health codes, the Caterer reserves the right to discard any food items where there is risk for food borne illness to occur.

It is our policy for “Catering Packages,” that any leftover food be removed by Caterer. If Client would like to retain any leftovers from “catering packages,” arrangements must be made prior to event. If arrangements are made prior to event, Caterer or Client will pack leftovers in containers provided by Client. Caterer will not provide containers.

Should the Client request to retain any leftovers; the Client agrees to assume full responsibility for proper refrigeration, storage, and reheating.


Music and Entertainment

All musicians and/or DJs must supply their own equipment, including but not limited to extension cords, tables, power strips, aux cables, speakers, and/or Wi-Fi access. Bubbles machines, dance wax, or any other compound or substance spread on the floor is not allowed. It is strongly suggested any hired persons visit the facility prior to the event.


Wine, Beer, and Liquor

All wine, beer, and liquor must be purchased through Lil G’s Kajun Restaurant and will be served by the restaurant’s staff. No outside alcohol may be brought onto the premises; if any is found, it will be confiscated.


Deposit and Payment

To confirm the date of your event, a deposit of $200 is required along with this signed contract. The deposit will go towards your final bill. ALL DEPOSITS WILL BE RETURNED IN FULL (LESS $100.00) IF EVENT IS CANCELLED BY THE CLIENT UP TO 14 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT. IF THE EVENT IS CANCELLED BY CLIENT WITHIN 8 DAYS OF THE EVENT 50% OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE EVENT IS OWED BY CLIENT. ANY ADDITIONAL COST INCURRED BY LIL G’S IN THE PREPARATION OF EVENT WILL ALSO BE CHARGED TO THE CLIENT. The full payment of the event is due at the end of your event. A credit card number is required on file or any additional charges that may occur. Lil G’s cannot and will not be responsible for acts of God, inclement weather or the parties’ change of plans. A charge of $150/hour will be assessed for every hour past contracted limit. For your protection, all guests should be notified of these hours. Additional fees may be assessed for extra cleaning.


Additional Information

·         The party may not use the kitchen, store room, back of building, or back of bar.

·         The Cypress courtyard is not a covered outdoor space. We cannot and will not be responsible for loss of use due to weather.

·         Lil G’s and The Cypress are vaping and smoke-free facilities; smoking and vaping are allowed outside only.

·         No sparklers, bottle rockets, sky lanterns, fire crackers, or any other fireworks allowed.

·         Absolutely no weapons or firearms are allowed on Lil G’s property.

·         Children must be supervised at all times.

·         If the party brings linens, decorations, tables, chairs, or any other items into the venue, the party is responsible for removing them at the end of the event.

·         A bartender charge of $75 for 3 hours will be added to the final bill for one bartender.



The management or staff may ask guests for identification to verify age. Lil G’s reserves the right to ask the entire party to leave if a minor is consuming alcohol or an adult is providing alcohol to a minor. The party renting the facility shall ensure that no underage drinking is allowed.


Lil G’s is unable to assume responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left on premise before, during, or after your event.


Lil G’s personnel have the authority to contact law enforcement officials, if necessary, to protect Lil G’s and personnel.


Lil G’s will not be held liable for injuries or property damage/loss during this function, including, but not limited to: death, personal injury, property damage or any other injuries that may occur to any other person(s) by use of the building and premises during the terms of this agreement. The term of the agreement begins when the first guest arrives on the property and concludes when the last person leaves the property.


Hold Harmless and Indemnification

Lil G’s shall not be liable for any claim, loss, injury, damage, or expense, either with respect to person or property sustained by you, or by any of your employees, agents, invitees, and guests, due to your use of the facilities or arising out of the use, operation, or condition of any equipment, machines, or appliances used in the facilities or arising from any acts of negligence or the negligence of any employees, agents, or invitees, or guest of yours. It is agreed and understood that you hear by expressly release and discharge Lil G’s Kajun Restaurant and its owners, officers, employees, and agents from any and all demands, claims, and actions arising out of any such causes.


Moreover,  it is agreed and understood that you shall defend indemnify and hold harmless Lil G’s Kajun Restaurant and its officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, losses, costs, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees) or any cause or action occasioned by or arising out of any accident or other occurrence whatsoever causing or inflicting injury and/or damage to any person or property and/or occurring in, upon, or about the facilities due directly or indirectly to your use of the facilities. This obligation of yours to protect indemnify and hold harmless Lil G’s shall include the obligation to pay all reasonable expenses incurred by Lil G’s in defending any of such claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees.


Lil G’s reserves the right to change the conditions of, or cancel, this agreement up to 60 days prior to the rental. All deposits and payments will be returned in the evet Lil G’s cancels the event.

Lil G’s Events Agreement Form


known for the purposes of this Agreement as “Lil G’s” or “Caterer” or “Owner.”


Client and Lil G’s/Caterer/Owner agree to the following:



Caterer agrees to provide services to the Client for Private Event, known as the “Event,” taking place on DATE OF EVENT for 3 hours from X:XXpm until X:XXpm.                                                                      



Client is required to pay a deposit of $200 upon signing this Agreement upon signing this Agreement.

Deposit is not refundable unless client cancels two weeks prior to event less $100.


For the above services, Client will pay Caterer a total of $000.00 for food items and must reach a total of $000.00 for food and drink, less the $200.00 deposit not inclusive of tax (9.5%), gratuity, bartender fee or setup fee ($75.00). If food and minimum of $000.00 is not reached Client agrees to pay Caterer difference at end of event. Client may request additional services, with the knowledge that these services will add to the total cost agreed upon by this contract, and must be agreed to in writing, either as an addendum to this Agreement, or in a separate document. The balance on the total cost for the Event is due at the end of the event.


Neither Party may assign or transfer their respective rights or obligations under this Agreement without prior written consent from the other Party.


This Agreement falls under the jurisdiction of the state of Louisiana, and is therefore subject to all of Louisiana’s laws and regulations.